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Download e-book for kindle: Chemistry and Properties of Biomolecular Systems by Jane D. Anastassopoulou (auth.), E. Rizzarelli, T.

By Jane D. Anastassopoulou (auth.), E. Rizzarelli, T. Theophanides (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9401056064

ISBN-13: 9789401056069

ISBN-10: 9401136203

ISBN-13: 9789401136204

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Map for Multifidene as a As it is shown here the only two m1mma are located at <1>1 = 240 o and at 1 = 50 ° respectively with the same values of <1>2 (270 °) and <1>3 (170 °). 8° respectively, and reveals that the two minima are 26 M. ALBANO ET AL. 32 Kcal/mol). A schematic draw of the two conformations is reported in Figure 3. 2 1 Figure 3. Three dimensional drawing according to the Non-Bonded method. of the two Multifidene minima It is clear that the two mmtma differ only by the position of ethylenic chain.

From the Table V we note all these molecules show conformational minima very similar to those of the natural compound , hence, the biological activity decreases are due to other facts. We think that, for the Dl system, the local topology around the double bond does not allow an optimal adjustement in the receptor site. For D2 and D3 compounds, other than a different charge distributions, also the shortening of the chains must be taken into account in order to explain the biological activity reduction.

And Holt, E. Chem. ; Rieche, A. and Matthey, G. Chern. ; Hoft, E. Or g. A. H. J. Chem. Soc. P. et al. J. Org. , 49,3963-3966 (1984). ; Paulus, E. and Bohmer, v. J. Am. Chem. , 110, 6811-6817 (1988). ; Cremin, s. M. J. Org. , 55, 2569-2570 (1990). ; Vicens, J. and Asfari, Z. , 1391-1394 (1989). MEASUREMENTS OF STRUCTURAL CHARACTERISTICS OF DAMAGED DNA, THROUGH THE USE OF INVERSE GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY GEORGIOS K. LOUKAKISl, ELEFTERIOS G. SIDERISl, CONSTANTINE A. KALFAS2, BASILIOS E. MAZOMENOSl, AMALIA ANAGNOSTOPOULOU-KONSTA3 1Jnstitute of Biology and 2Jnstitute of Nuclear Physics, National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos" j9· Paraskevi, 153 10 Athens, GREECE Department of Physics, National Technical University, 157 73 Athens, GREECE ABSTRACT.

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Chemistry and Properties of Biomolecular Systems by Jane D. Anastassopoulou (auth.), E. Rizzarelli, T. Theophanides (eds.)

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