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Download e-book for iPad: Chase the Moon by Dinah McCall

By Dinah McCall

ISBN-10: 006108445X

ISBN-13: 9780061084454

Elijah Moon, his sons, his attractive daughter Gracie and their households are attempting to stay easily during this smooth international. dwelling off the land in rural Kentucky, they adhere heavily to the phrases of the Bible. yet there's extra occurring at their compound than both Elijah or Gracie realises. in reality, a guy has been killed for understanding an excessive amount of. whilst the victim's dual, Jake Baretta, arrives on the compound to go looking for his twin's killer, he struggles to maintain his middle and appeal to Gracie to himself, and his brain at the activity. we all know the 1st rule of undercover paintings: by no means fall in love with enemy.

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Moira smiled her thanks and then turned, hastening away as quickly as she’d appeared. Gracie tried not to be concerned. Moira Brown was a grown woman who was here by choice. She didn’t have to stay with Taggert Brown if she didn’t want to. No one was holding a gun to her head. And then she thought of the bruise on Moira’s cheek and the countless other times she’d seen evidence of Taggert’s abuse toward his wife, and wondered if she might be wrong. If Taggert was the kind of man to beat his wife, then he very well might be the kind to take a gun to her, as well.

This isn’t good. You shouldn’t be thinking this way about us. Please, come back with me. Talk to Father. ” Jake’s pulse leaped. So soon? He didn’t know how to react. Instinct told him to play the invitation down. Instead of agreeing, he shook his head. “I don’t know how I feel about that anymore,” Jake said. Aaron frowned. “Okay. I won’t force the issue. But don’t think this is over. ” When Aaron left, Jake breathed a quiet sigh of relief and pushed his cart toward the checkout stand. The first monumental meeting had come and gone, and the world had not come to an end.

38 Sharon Sala “Gracie, I’m glad I caught you,” Moira said, and then glanced nervously over her shoulder. Gracie frowned. She didn’t have to ask to know why Moira was so nervous. Everyone in the compound knew that Taggert beat his wife, but no one seemed inclined to intervene. The terse remarks she’d made to Taggert on Moira’s behalf had garnered a threat from Taggert and a scolding from her father. She’d had to settle for being Moira’s leaning post instead. Gracie brushed her finger lightly across the dark bruise.

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Chase the Moon by Dinah McCall

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