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Cat People by Michael Korda PDF

By Michael Korda

ISBN-10: 0061556130

ISBN-13: 9780061556135

With attribute wit, self–effacing appeal and sheer, exuberant love of a superb cat tale, big apple instances bestselling writer Michael Korda and his spouse Margaret Korda recount their lives as "cat people," starting with Margaret's ardour for cats (and Michael's reluctant mid–life transformation right into a cat person), and introducing readers to a hilarious collection of individuals whose lifestyles revolves––often to a unprecedented degree––around their cat, or cats, from Cleopatra a transatlantic traveller who discovered happiness in Paris to Wally, the epitome of pussycat dignity.

listed here are those that simply cannot say no to a different cat, who "world–travel" with their cat, who construct their social lifestyles round their cats––and after all the cats themselves, for the Kordas have a good time the beguiling strength of cats, together with a lot of their very own, who've complemented, advanced and altered their lives jointly through the years. listed here are fascinating, usually hilarious and occasionally unhappy pix of such cats as Margaret's loved Irving, whose favourite home used to be the Beverly Wilshire inn, and Mumsie, who arrived unexpectedly on the door along with her kittens, and certain cats like Jake and the mild Chutney, in addition to "difficult" cats like Chui and bad Mrs. Bumble, and Mr. McT., the bully who came upon love overdue in existence. listed here are sleek cats and cats like Kit–Kat that by no means glance earlier than they bounce, in brief, numerous cats the reader won't ever disregard, even people with many cats in their own.

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When people have a long-term relationship with a cat, what makes it work is often a discrete and perfect match of character and personality, not necessarily the kind of thing you can plan on, or for, but more serendipitous, like the kind of love in which two people fit together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, a snuggling, complementary relationship, in which each supplants the deficiencies in the other, and which, when the two are joined together, adds up to more than the whole. Cats seem very good at reading human character, though they occasionally overreach.

Was it the stunted little flipper of a front leg, which we felt actually added to her charm and character? Did she not get along with children (we never had occasion to put this to the test)? Or had she been a touch too aggressive in enforcing her wishes? Who knows? Animals can’t talk, so we never really learn their stories about the past. We can see the physical effects of abuse and neglect easily enough, but absent these, who knows what a cat’s previous home was like, and whether it was well treated, let alone whether it misses its previous owners or not?

One thing you can say for cats over horses— nobody ever suffered a broken bone because a cat stepped on their foot. One of the things Irving communicated was the strong desire not to have another cat in the house. Irving had been—whoever Margaret’s husband might be—the one and only cat of the house, master of all he surveyed. Nobody pushed him away from his feed bowl, or shared his litter box, let alone his place on the bed, where a fur coverlet was his favorite place for napping and sharpening his claws.

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Cat People by Michael Korda

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