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By Lawrence Block

ISBN-10: 0060582553

ISBN-13: 9780060582555

Bernie Rhodenbarr is a personable chap, a great neighbor, a satisfactory poker participant. His selected career, despite the fact that, would possibly not sit down good with a few. Bernie is a burglar, an outstanding one, without problems lifting valuables from the not-so-well-protected abodes of well-to-do New Yorkers like a modern day Robin Hood. (The negative, as Bernie will be the first to inform you, lamentably, don't have anything worthy stealing.) he isn't ideal, although; he sometimes makes errors. Like accepting a paid task from a complete stranger to retrieve a specific merchandise from a wealthy man's condo. Like nonetheless being there whilst the law enforcement officials arrive. Like having a freshly slain corpse mendacity within the subsequent room, and no evidence that Bernie is not the killer. Now he is rather acquired his palms complete, having to find the genuine wrongdoer whereas by some means eluding the police -- a filthy activity certainly, but when Bernie does not do it, who will?

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