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Buddhism and the Political Process by Hiroko Kawanami PDF

By Hiroko Kawanami

ISBN-10: 1137573996

ISBN-13: 9781137573995

In its interpretation of Buddhism either as a cultural background and social ideology, this edited quantity seeks to appreciate how Buddhist values and international perspectives have impacted at the political means of many nations in Asia. of their respective paintings in Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and Tibet, the individuals have interaction with an interactive typology initially proposed by way of the overdue Ian Harris, to whom the booklet is devoted. Adopting an interdisciplinary process, they discover the interplay among Buddhism and politics, spiritual authority and political energy, contemplating matters that quandary the politicization of priests, proliferation of violence, management, citizenship, democracy and communalism so one can extra comprehend the interface among Buddhism and politics in smooth and modern instances.

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This conflict for control of the nation has taken place in the midst of another kind of conflict between the Bangkok government and the South which has been extremely violent. It has been cast in religious and ethnic terms (ethnically Malay Muslims vs Thai Buddhists), and as both an independence and a terrorist movement. The conflict has been exacerbated by government policies that have been at best confused and often quite violent, making it difficult to resolve long-standing questions of how the South fits within a larger Thai polity.

While in everyday conversation, it seems to bear the political membership aspect of political citizenship, it is also clearly about belonging (ch¯at has the same Sanskritic root as the word ‘family’). ’ Moreover, in both China and Thailand there are informal ways of referring to citizens, such as zhongguoren (Chinese person) or khon thai (Thai person). These terms imply belonging to the polity, but they obscure whether that belonging is political, ethnic, or cultural in nature. These terminological differences make thinking about citizenship comparatively across national contexts more complicated.

Different academic communities think about the category in different ways, and use it to address different kinds of problems, and as a result there are many different ways of talking about citizenship. Like the category of religion, citizenship is not any one thing but rather a series of concepts meant to articulate different aspects of political belonging. With ‘religion’ this has produced not infrequent complaints about the inability to define the category. 20 That is, the continuing dynamic and uncertainty about what constitutes religion is one of the reasons it remains an important thing for scholars to think about and discuss.

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Buddhism and the Political Process by Hiroko Kawanami

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