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Read e-book online Britannica Illustrated Science Library Volume 18 - The PDF

By Inc. Encyclopaedia Britannica

ISBN-10: 1615353437

ISBN-13: 9781615353439

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Wind energy It is designed for foot and bicycle traffic, although there will also be transportation systems that use magnetic levitation. Hydrogenpowered car Wastes will be recycled, and water will be reused for irrigation and biofuel production. 76 IN SEARCH OF SOLUTIONS THE ENVIRONMENT 77 Biological Control T hroughout the 20th century, researchers learned how to fight and efficiently eliminate pests and plant diseases that primarily affect crops and farming methods. The cost to the environment has often been high, however.

ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES BATTERIES Because batteries contain highly toxic substances (such as mercury and cadmium), it is necessary to recycle them. When batteries are thrown in the trash or when they are burned, these dangerous substances are released into the air, water, or ground. Nevertheless, battery recycling is complex and expensive, which sometimes constitutes an obstacle to this important practice. 5% The amount of pollution put out by aluminum recycling compared with the production of new aluminum Millions of electrical appliances and computers are thrown out annually without any kind of recycling policy to govern them.

This requires a detailed knowledge of the site and its natural ecological balance. Crop Rotation THE RISKS The number of people who die each year from poisoning that results from the use of prohibited pesticides, especially in lessdeveloped countries, according to the World Health Organization Besides being considered one of the most attractive insects, the ladybug is a true ally of farmers. The photograph shows a ladybug feeding on an aphid, a type of sapsucker, which is associated with fungal infections in plants.

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Britannica Illustrated Science Library Volume 18 - The Environment by Inc. Encyclopaedia Britannica

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