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By V. Cantarella

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The medial part, the largest of the three sections, arises on the transverse processes of all the cervical vertebrae except the atlas and descends to attach on the top surface of the first rib. The anterior part arises from the transverse processes of the third through sixth cervical vertebrae and inserts on the top of the first rib, just in front of the medial portion’s insertion. Whereas the longus colli and the longus capitis muscles course upward, the scalenus muscle courses downward. Muscles always shorten in the direction of their origin.

THE PLATYSMA MUSCLE When your collar is too tight it is the constriction of the platysma muscle that helps loosen it. Otherwise this muscle doesn’t have much function. Laxness of this muscle is often a major factor in causing the sag under the chin in older people (this is not just aging skin, or from accumulating fat). This muscle forms the outermost layer of the neck muscles. The muscle fibers arise from the fascia at the top part of the torso covering the pectoral muscles and the deltoids and course over the clavicle and up each side of the neck.

Sternohyoid M. Omohyoid M. • • • Manubrium Omo is Greek for shoulder. Cantarella Bones and Muscles: An Illustrated Anatomy Head and Neck Illustration 21 THE BONES OF THE NECK: INTERIOR-ANTERIOR VIEW Here you see the seven cervical vertebrae along with the next three thoracic vertebrae, a section of the skull showing the mastoid process, and two ribs, all seen from the ventral (front) view. The transverse processes of the vertebrae can be clearly seen. Cantarella Bones and Muscles: An Illustrated Anatomy Head and Neck Illustration 22 Skull THE SKULL, NECK, AND UPPER BACK: POSTERIOR VIEW In this illustration you see the skull, seven cervical vertebrae, and eleven of the twelve thoracic vertebrae with ribs attached, from the back or posterior view.

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