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Body Invaders: Sexuality and the Postmodern Condition by Arthur Kroker, Marilouise Kroker PDF

By Arthur Kroker, Marilouise Kroker

ISBN-10: 0333468414

ISBN-13: 9780333468418

ISBN-10: 1349190950

ISBN-13: 9781349190959

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All social, historical, temporal transcendence is absorbed by this mass in its silent immanence. We are already at the point where political and social events do not have sufficient autonomous energy to move us, and thus they unfold as in a silent film for which we are, not individually, but collectively, irresponsible. ), but of a slowing down, indifference, and stupefaction. History can no longer surpass itself, it can no longer envisage its own finality, dream its own end; it wraps itself in its own immediate effect, it exhausts itself in its own special effects, it falls back on itself, it implodes in actuality.

Configuration of 10 . highly tt\ 0 ange th re highly energazed. to re_arr ighly unstable- ready the urban pa fragments on fashion threads of thought discursive lines product process affect \\\0~ ol ,t em selves as quickly_ as space of con I ceo and fastly c\oslng dett\and s it. sumer imag-escapistt\ml:" extent th t/je am aware to s~ t\al space at there is little exlsten th £>nough for critical distance: E' post -modern syndrome operatin g and working on the basis 0 f a spatial disorientation th at affects both the practice of criticism.

It is also the first victim in this derisory simulation. In certain societies, custom demanded that the condemned be hanged on a dead tree- through symbolic necessity: this dead tree was to some extent vital; and one had to nourish the dead with death. History is like this tree. Defunct, it reclaims its victims to nourish its own disappearance. From the heroic and dramatic, it has become sarcophagus and necrophilic. And socialism is this strange victim, this "strange fruit" balancing itself on the dead tree of history.

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Body Invaders: Sexuality and the Postmodern Condition by Arthur Kroker, Marilouise Kroker

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