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Bioactive Heterocycles V by Nurullah Saracoglu (auth.), Mahmud Tareq Hassan Khan (eds.) PDF

By Nurullah Saracoglu (auth.), Mahmud Tareq Hassan Khan (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3540734058

ISBN-13: 9783540734055

N. Saracoglu: Functionalization of Indole and Pyrrole Cores through Michael sort Additions.-

J. C. Menéndez: Chemistry of the Welwitindolinones.-

G. Topcu, O. Demirkiran: Lignans from Taxus Species.-

S. Süzen: Antioxidant actions of artificial Indole Derivatives and attainable task Mechanisms.-

M. González, H. Cerecetto, A. Monge: Quinoxaline 1,4-dioxide and Phenazine 5,10-dioxide Chemistry and Biology.-

M.T.H. Khan: Quinoline Analogues as Anti-angiogenic brokers and Telomerase Inhibitors

Y. Liu, S. Zhang, J.H. Jung, T. Xu: Bioactive Furanosesterterpenoids from Marine Sponge.-

C.A. Pujol, M.J. Carlucci, M.C. Matulewicz, E.B. Damonte: ordinary Sulfated Polysaccharides for the Prevention and keep an eye on of Viral Infections.-

N. Hamdi, M. Saoud, A. Romerosa: 4-Hydroxy Coumarine: a flexible Reagent for the Synthesis of Heterocyclic and Vanillin Ether Coumarins with organic Activities.-

I. Orhan, B. Özcelik, B. Sener: present results of Antiviral and Antimicrobial assessment of a few Heterocyclic Compounds from Turkish Plants

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Synthesis of a novel chiral cyclophane consisting of indole as one of the core units was achieved [198]. The first bridge of the cyclophane 273 is formed by a conjugate addition of indole (2) to the unsaturated ketone 269. An intramolecular N-alkylation reaction of 271 resulted in the formation of Scheme 59 40 N. Saracoglu the second bridge to give the targeted cyclophane 272 (44%). Under the reaction conditions, the cyclic dimer 273 is obtained as a second product in yield of 19% (Scheme 59) [198].

Scheme 43 Due to the widespread use of structurally diverse amino acid derivatives in practically all areas of the physical and life sciences, the synthesis and applications of these compounds are of fundamental importance. Heterocyclic β-substituted-α-alanines are non-proteinogenic amino acids that are widely found in nature [138–147]. Naturally occurring β-amino acids are also compounds with interesting pharmacological aspects. N,N-Bis(tertbutyloxycarbonyl)-dehydroalanine methyl ester (186) was reacted at room 30 N.

Moreover, the catalyst 114 produced both the intramolecular indole alkylation and the 2-substituted indoles in good yield and enantioselectivity (Scheme 33) [106]. The complex Scheme 32 Scheme 33 Functionalization of Indole and Pyrrole Cores via Michael-Type Additions 23 114 was also an efficient catalyst for the Michael addition of electron-rich indoles to α,β-unsaturated phosphonates [107]. Several pseudo-C3-symmetric homo- and hetero-trisoxazolines have been developed and applied successfully in the asymmetric Michael-type alkylation of indoles with alkylidene malonates.

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Bioactive Heterocycles V by Nurullah Saracoglu (auth.), Mahmud Tareq Hassan Khan (eds.)

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