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Download PDF by William Sarabande: Beyond the Sea of Ice: The First Americans, Book 1

By William Sarabande

ISBN-10: 0553268899

ISBN-13: 9780553268898

Stunningly visible, terribly specified, powerfully dramatic, here's the 1st quantity of a extraordinary new sequence . . .The First Americans.  When people first walked the area, while nature governed the earth and sky, a proud tribe is threatened through a sequence of normal disasters.  A daring younger hunter named Torka, who misplaced his spouse and baby to a killer substantial, leads the survivors over the glacial tundra on a determined eastward odyssey to the retailer their clan.  Through assaults of savage animals and encounters with strangers now not not like themselves, they need to courageous the hardships of a overseas panorama and discover ways to reside in an unique new global of puzzle and danger.  Toward the land the place the sunlight rises they need to travel.Beyond the ocean Of Ice,  toward a brand new day for his or her clan--and an grand destiny for the yank.

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Without his caribou-skin tunic and vest of fox tails without his outer trousers and leggings, he was still cold; but he had put on his boots and gloves. Within the windbreak of the old robe, the cold's bite was lessened, and he slept, albeit fitfully. Now and again he awoke, expecting to be dead, but he was still alive. He grumbled, vexed, and slept again. Sometime before dawn, he felt Death come close.

Restlessness ran in his blood, heating it. Despite the cold, he could smell the acrid scent brought on by his tension. He wished that his grandfather were with him now. Alinak and Nap were both in their prime and experienced hunters, but when old Umak was at his side, Torka always felt that he had the courage and the wisdom of two men. But Umak had injured his leg while chasing down a steppe antelope earlier in the season. Now he sheltered within Torka's pit hut back at the winter camp with Egatsop, who was Torka's woman, their newborn infant, and Kipu, their little son.

Book Creations Inc.. Canaan. NY Lyle Kenyan Engel. Founder BANTAM BOOKS NEW YORK TORONTO LONDON SYDNEY AUCKLAND the first americans: beyond the sea of ice A Bantam Book December 1987 All rights reserved. Copyright 1987 by Book Creations, Inc. Cover art copyright 1987 by Jerry La Faro. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

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Beyond the Sea of Ice: The First Americans, Book 1 by William Sarabande

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