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Between the Rule of Power and the Power of Rule: In Search by Staden, A. PDF

By Staden, A.

ISBN-10: 9004157034

ISBN-13: 9789004157033

The publication discusses diversified types of global order, conventional and glossy. Any functional program of the idea that at factor may be laid low with the present energy constitution, and to some extent, replicate it. the truth of yank preeminence on the earth this present day has to be reconciled with the call for for overseas legitimacy.

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The judgment of speciÀc decisions is very much in the eyes of the beholder. The discrepancy between intentions and results An additional consideration is that ambitious schemes to remake the world are doomed to fail, and often produce unintended consequences. Good intentions may founder in the face of human frailty, the tenacity of social institutions and traditions, as well as the complexity of international politics. Good versus evil, neatly dividing the world into good and bad nations, does not work as a principle of foreign policy, because it leads to a Manichean approach.

And yet, from a moral point of view, the two cases barely differ. 17 A foreign policy guided by abstract morality will be lacking in restraint because it is difÀcult, if not impossible, to negotiate where values are concerned. A Àrm belief in the one true good may induce the powerful to embark on a crusading, messianic foreign policy, leaving no room for making compromises or agreements on a modus vivendi. 18 Incidentally, that is why the foreign policy of president George W. Bush, describing countries such as Iran and Syria as belonging to the “Axis of Evil”, was also criticized by traditional realists.

In 2001, KoÀ Annan was awarded the Nobel peace prize. He was praised for his commitment to make the United Nations about people; not just about states and governments. He was criticized for his lack of managerial skills, failing to protect 38 chapter two the world organization against Ànancial scandals such as the illicit sale of Iraqi oil during the UN’s oil-for-food program. On balance, his legacy seems stronger than his opponents have suggested. The world organization had concluded a lengthy period of internal soul searching and re-emerged as the primary forum for discussing global security and development.

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Between the Rule of Power and the Power of Rule: In Search of an Effective World Order by Staden, A.

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