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Read e-book online Assignment Silver Scorpion (A Sam Durell Espionage Thriller) PDF

By Edward S Aarons

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See File Delta 77A, 77B, Kappa 12. The present leader, and the only popularly elected President of the PRB since Independence Day on 11 September 1958, is believed to be about 62 years of age, in, somewhat failing health today, although of enormous physical and psychic reserves. A fighter for independence through two colonial regimes and UN trusteeship and three aborted rebellions, Motuku was early apprehended by British colonial authorities for sabotage of the Uranda-Boganda copper mines and extradited from the port of San Gerosa in Portuguese Mozambique.

Ah. Of course. " "Ah. " It was hot in the cell. The FKP men sweated. The light glared down on Durell like the baleful eye of some jungle idol. They had taken his gun, his passport, his belt, and his shoes, neatly arranging it all, including his wallet, on a plank table against the stone wall of the cell. There was no window, and the door was closed. The air was suffocating. It smelled of sweat, fear, urine, and the garbage in the river. He knew it was one o'clock when the mortars started slamming into the besieged Getoba District again.

He looked at his watch and took off his coat and stripped off his necktie and shirt and rummaged among his fresh clothes in the dresser. "And who fanned my room, Finch? " He let it go. "All right. " She said, "You're a bastard, you know that? " "You're lucky. " "I don't know anything about the Silver Scorpion. " "It's your job to know," he said. "Well, I don't. You saw what happened to Yutigaffa when you said those words? And he's a tough bozo. Everybody reacts the same way. It's my guess it's a kind of native society, a sub government, a shadow group that rules by terror.

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Assignment Silver Scorpion (A Sam Durell Espionage Thriller) by Edward S Aarons

by Daniel

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