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Download PDF by Emma Darcy: Always Love (Harlequin Presents)

By Emma Darcy

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What would she be committing herself to in accepting such a close association with Christian Nemo? If only there was some way of knowing... ' he asked. Genevra's nerves prickled, sensing his need for her acquiescence. Why was she so aware of him, so sensitive to his feelings? She couldn't even bring herself to refuse him outright, despite her deep misgivings. The sense of something terribly important hanging in the balance was clouding her judgement, pressing her towards a course she knew could not be in her best interests...

There had to be some answer to the puzzle. She loved his smile. Loved all of him with a passion that could hardly wait for tonight. He was trying to hold back, to keep up his role of being a stranger, but Genevra knew she was wearing the barriers down. She could feel the rapport creeping back, that same magic rapport that had leapt between them four years ago. Twice his gaze clung to hers while he forgot what he had been saying, and she sensed his need and his incredulity at the need that she was projecting.

The surrounds of the Manoir were fascinating: paths cutting through manicured lawns and bordered by wonderful rose-gardens; magnificent trees; shrubs shaped by the art of topiary; flowering vines dressing the old stone walls; a splendid, if somewhat crumbling dovecote; picturesque outbuildings that had once housed carriages, but which now contained service rooms for the hotel; an enclosed swimming pool surrounded by the now-familiar white furniture and pink umbrellas; and beyond the immediate environs were twenty-seven acres of country fields and the chefs extensive kitchen garden.

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Always Love (Harlequin Presents) by Emma Darcy

by Christopher

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