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By Marvin W. Falk

ISBN-10: 1851091416

ISBN-13: 9781851091416

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This activity continued after the war as radar stations and other installations were maintained against the new threat from the Soviet Union. The increased population and the growing political maturity of the Territory led to a major statehood Page xxx drive. This was finally realized in 1959 when Alaska became the 49th state. A number of natural disasters troubled the new state, the greatest of which were the 1964 earthquake and the 1967 Fairbanks flood. The 1964 Good Friday earthquake destroyed much of Anchorage, the largest city, and brought devastating tidal waves upon a number of coastal communities such as Valdez and Kodiak.

However, the fear remained that as the Prudhoe fields began to decline there would not be enough money to continue essential state services. In 1976, voters approved a constitutional amendment which established the Alaska Permanent Fund. '. The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation was established in 1980 to manage the fund. The legislature has channelled additional revenues into the Fund and the total went over twelve billion dollars in 1991. Dividends on earned interest were to be paid to Alaskans based on length of residency.

Alaska's largest city, Anchorage, is the state's primary business and transportation centre; over half of all state and federal civilian employees active in Alaska are also based there. Valdez is the terminus of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. The Matanuska Valley just north of Anchorage was the location of a major agricultural resettlement programme in the 1930s and it remains the largest dairy and truck farming region in the state. Kodiak and Afognak islands are included in this region; the centre of early Russian-American settlement, these islands remain a major fishing centre.

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Alaska by Marvin W. Falk

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