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Advances in Photochemistry by Noyes W PDF

By Noyes W

ISBN-10: 1061301311

ISBN-13: 9781061301312

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Crude shale oil contains (22) approximately 3 ppm of BaP, 100 times the amount found in spent shale and approximately the same amount as found in petroleum crude oils. A shale oil produced by an aboveground simulated in situ retort has recently been subjected to solvent extraction and adsorption chromatographic separations here to prepare a PAH-enriched isolate for biologi­ cal study. 0 wt% of the shale oil. 2 wt%) from a mixture of petroleum 32 Μ . R. 17 Material Ρ 1 Coke oven coal tar Cracked sidestream Naphthenic distillate From Coomes (22).

J. Occup. Med. 12, 151. Magee, Ε. , Jahnig, C. , and Shaw, H. (1974). "Evaluation of Pollution Control in Fossil Fuel Conversion Processes; Gasification; Section 1; Koppers-Totzek P r o c e s s , " EPA-650/274-009a, NTIS PB-221-675. Esso Research and Engineering Company, Linden, New Jersey. Massey, M. , Nakles, D. , Forney, A. , and Haynes, W. P. (1975). Role of gasifier process variables in effluent and product gas production in the synthane process. Environ. , 2nd. Massey, M. , Dunlap, R. W .

Boubel, R. W . , and Ripperton, L. A. (1963). Benzo[fl]pyrene production during controlled combustion. J. Air Pollut. Control Assoc. 13, 5 5 3 . 11. Boyer, K. W . , and Laitinen, H. A. (1975). Automobile exhaust particulates—properties of environmental significance. Environ. Sei. Technol. 9 , 457. 12. Braunstein, Η. Μ . , Copenhaver, Ε. D . , and Pfuderer, Η. Α . , eds. (1976). "Environmental, Health, and Control Aspects of Coal Conversion: An Information O v e r v i e w , " Vols. I and II, ORNL EIS-94 and EIS-95.

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Advances in Photochemistry by Noyes W

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