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By Miriam Fields-Babineau

ISBN-10: 1593785941

ISBN-13: 9781593785949

From dog to senior - and each level of lifestyles in among - Positive-Training sequence books supply fanciers savvy suggestion directly from the specialists.

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LURING Using food or a toy to move your dog into a desired position or to elicit a specific behavior. MOTIVATION A desire to perform or behave in a specific manner. NEGATIVE PUNISHMENT A stimulus or reward is taken away from the dog to extinguish a behavior. Examples: You turn away when a dog jumps on you, not giving him the satisfaction of getting any reaction out of you. NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT An aversive stimulus is removed to encourage a behavior. Example: The pressure of the head halter on the nose is removed when the dog pays attention.

Follow the ten key points of behavior shaping as outlined by one of its leading proponents and learn how to practice with a friend so that you’ll be more confident when trying it with your dog. Loose Leash Walking Learn how to teach one of the hardest lessons to a dog. Vary your method based on the dog’s age and attention span, and what rewards he finds valuable. Progress from off-leash in a secure area to heeling on-lead, introducing turns and performing with distractions. Compare the various types of training collars and learn how to prevent pulling.

Dogs respond to many different training methods. 8. Don’t interrupt a training session gratuitously; that constitutes a punishment. Always end a training session by doing something fun. If your dog loves to play fetch, do a couple of rounds with him. If he likes having his tummy rubbed, do so. Always signal the end of a session by doing something positive. 9. If behavior deteriorates, go back to kindergarten. Quickly review the whole shaping process with a series of easily earned reinforcers. It is better to regress in order to progress.

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