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Download PDF by Cat Schield: A Win-Win Proposition

By Cat Schield

ISBN-10: 0373731299

ISBN-13: 9780373731299

Sebastian Case is dependent upon his irreplaceable assistant for every little thing. yet on account that arriving in Vegas for a convention, mousy Missy Ward has remodeled herself. From usual to ravishing. From modest and reserved to daring and sensual. And Sebastian, who'd slightly spotted she was once a girl, unearths himself dazzled via her allure.Now she's quitting and Sebastian will do something to maintain her. together with accepting her outrageous guess. One spin of the roulette wheel—black and she'll stay…red and Sebastian owes her one evening of ardour. What can he lose, other than possibly his center?

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Soothed her soul and awakened her desires. “I don’t have much experience with men like you,” she admitted. ” Was he laughing at her? Missy surveyed his expression. Neutral. No amusement crinkled the skin around his eyes or curved his lips. She began again. “I mean, we’ve already done a couple things…” She ran out of words about the same time she ran out of bravado. ” Grabbing her by the hips, he rolled until she sat on him. ” Where a second earlier she’d been exhausted, being on top inspired a rush of exhilaration.

The dealer interrupted their argument and Missy shoved an elbow into Sebastian’s ribs. With an oomph, he released her money. “Five thousand in chips, please,” she repeated, turning her shoulder away from her boss’s frustrated frown. His disapproval made her uncomfortable. As she had done with her father, she’d grown accustomed to doing things the way Sebastian wanted them done. How many times had she let his opinion dominate hers? Too many to count. And old habits were hard to break. The wheel spun before she placed her bet.

And collapsed, breathing hard, too spent to consider the consequences of what he’d just done. Three So that’s what all the fuss was about. Too exhausted to hold on any longer, Missy let her arms fall away from Sebastian’s shoulders. He lay with his face buried in her neck. His chest pumped against hers as if he’d finished a mile-long sprint. She marveled at the feel of him buried inside her. He filled her unlike any man she’d ever known. Of course, there’d only been two. Tim and her high school boyfriend, so she didn’t have much to compare him to, but deep down where it counted, she knew that only one in ten million men could have done the things to her that he just had.

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A Win-Win Proposition by Cat Schield

by George

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