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A Man Of Means by Diana Palmer PDF

By Diana Palmer

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She stomped her foot hard, turned around, and stormed into the kitchen, almost knocking herself down with the door in the process It didn't help that Rey stood out there laughing like a predator. If she expected Rey to be apologetic about what he'd said, she was doomed to disappointment. He watched her with narrow, assessing eyes as she went about her household duties. He didn't harass her, or monopolize her. He just watched. The scrutiny made her so nervous that she fumbled constantly. Her heart ran wild at the attention from those dark, steady eyes.

She wiped her hands on her apron. " 90 A MAN OF MEANS DIANA PALMER 91 "You can't go in there alone with the horrible thing and try to kill it! " "It's a king snake, not a rattler," Annie said gently, recognizing the description. "And I'm not planning to kill it. I'm going to get it on a stick and put in the barn. " Meredith exclaimed, horrified. "It's a king snake, dear," came the gentle reply. "We don't like to kill them. They're very useful. " Meredith shivered again. " "You'll see lots of them out here in the country.

Stay where you are, Jack. " He turned back toward the truck, rushing and still breathless. Meredith frowned. His cheeks were unnaturally pink, and it wasn't that cold. His complexion was almost white. He was sweating. She knew the symptoms. She'd seen them all too often. "You might go with him," Meredith said abruptly, interrupting Jack's banter with Rey. " Jack asked. Just at that moment, Billy Joe stopped, stood very still for a minute, and then buckled and fell forward into a crumpled heap at the door of his truck.

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A Man Of Means by Diana Palmer

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