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A Hero For Sophie Jones (The Jones Gang) (Silhouette Special by Christine Rimmer PDF

By Christine Rimmer

ISBN-10: 0373241968

ISBN-13: 9780373241965

A impossible HERO

He was once the type of guy her mama warned her approximately, workaday rancher Sophie B. Jones learned, as she appeared as much as locate Sinclair Riker's unrelenting gaze on her. yet resisting him was once no longer an alternative, for even though his phrases hinted on the darkness of his soul, his eyes spoke one other message altogether—one that Sophie couldn't support yet answer….

Sinclair knew larger than to fall for an blameless like Sophie Jones. He knew that heartless seduction was once purported to be his stock-in-trade, and that he had come to the ranch with one objective only—to do Sophie out of her loved land, in anyway attainable. So what used to be it approximately this girl that had him longing for the purity of her soul? and will love rather flip Sin…into Sophie's saint?

THE JONES GANG: The wild and woolly Jones extended family is back—and greater than ever!

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He said nothing for a moment. Then he let out a breath. " "Call it luck if you want to. " She tugged on his arm. "Now, come on. " They went down a slate path, beneath the leafy shelter of a double row of maples, until they came to a rambling woodsided building from which a series of linked corrals branched off. Inside the stables, Sophie turned on the lights and they walked between the rows of stalls. Sophie said, "I know your father used to raise horses here. " "Yes. We lost them all, though.

Hesitantly she moved toward him, stopping a few feet away, on the other side of that huge Boston fern. " She gave a quick, awkward toss of one hand, toward the arch beyond her shoulder. He let his gaze follow the gesture, then looked at her once more. She gulped. "Well. " Slowly he shook his head. Bewilderment clouded her beautiful eyes. " "Sophie. " And neither am I, for that matter. She took in a breath and let it out slowly. "Yes. I am. " "Just be a little practical. Think about safety. " Her face went red to the roots of her shining hair.

He put the bowl on the grooved steel drainboard and picked up the next one, and then the next. From the corner of her eye, she could see those beautiful hands, working as efficiently as her own. The Prince of Darkness does the dishes, she thought, and had to stifle a burst of foolish laughter. His watch winked at her, platinum and gold, a watch that must have cost more than the Dodge Caravan she was still making payments on. A few minutes later, Sophie dried her hands and then passed him the towel.

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A Hero For Sophie Jones (The Jones Gang) (Silhouette Special Edition , No 1196) by Christine Rimmer

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