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By Jens Bartelson

ISBN-10: 052147308X

ISBN-13: 9780521473088

The idea that of sovereignty is vital to diplomacy concept and theories of the country and offers the root of the traditional separation of recent politics into family and foreign spheres. during this publication Jens Bartelson presents a serious research and conceptual background of sovereignty, facing philosophical and political texts in the course of 3 sessions: the Renaissance, the Classical Age, and Modernity. He argues that sovereignty may be considered as an idea contingent upon, instead of basic to, political technological know-how and its historical past.

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A power is a modern sovereign state in its external aspect, and it might almost be defined as the ultimate loyalty for which men today will fight/67 This view is repeated, though with less eloquence, by Morgenthau: '[T]he nation-state is to a higher degree than ever before the predominant source of the individual's moral and legal valuations and the ultimate point of reference for his secular loyalties. '68 And again, now bluntly, by Waltz: '[I]t has been increasingly true in recent centuries, however, that most people feel a loyalty to the state that overrides their loyalty to almost any other group ...

The international system is marked by the absence of unity right from the start; it is pure plurality. From this opposition, everything else follows: what is listed as essential to state28 Deconstructing sovereignty hood is absent in the international realm, and vice versa. The whole range of dichotomies employed in international political theory to demarcate the domestic from the international gains logical and rhetorical impact from this single ontological gesture and the systematic play of identity and difference it brings into being.

Thus, before embarking on the task of writing a genealogy of sovereignty, a critical inquiry into the contemporary empirical discourse on sovereignty is necessary. Deconstructing sovereignty Far from being homogeneous, the contemporary empirical discourse on sovereignty flows from two distinct but complementary fields of knowledge, their separation to an extent reflecting the divide between the external and internal aspects of sovereignty inherent in the concept. Thus, while concern with the former aspect is the traditional privilege of international political theory, macrosociology of state formation aims to explain the latter.

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