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Read e-book online A Certain Kind of Hero: Defender Broomstick Cowboy PDF

By Kathleen Eagle

ISBN-10: 1426882327

ISBN-13: 9781426882326

Two undesirable boys locate redemption once they turn into not likely heroes to 2 very unique girls and their households. do not leave out those romantic favorites from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling writer Kathleen Eagle!


Gideon Defender understood challenging offerings. blameless and natural, Raina McKenny had deserved a person higher than him, so he'd stepped apart and watched her marry his brother. He'd stayed away once they followed a toddler and created the best existence he may perhaps by no means provide her. Now, fifteen years later, Raina had lower back to the reservation a widow together with her fatherless teenage son in tow, and Gideon confronted the hardest offerings of his existence. among wish and accountability, among condemnation and belief, among fatherhood and honor…and even among existence and death.

Broomstick Cowboy

Amy Becker wanted a guy. Tate Harrison don't have been her first choice…but then, her first selection had long past and died, leaving her pregnant, broke and at the verge of wasting every thing. strangely, Tate used to be an outstanding father determine to her kids, a tireless employee and much too tempting in the course of these lengthy iciness nights. yet Tate wasn't one for roots; he was once hers purely till spring. except she might persuade him to stay.

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Spearfishing is a sport that non-Indians indulge in during the winter, so they’ve made sure it’s legal then. But spearfishing for our people is a food-gathering skill. We have traditionally practiced it in the spring for hundreds of years. ” Hearing himself, Peter instinctively looked to his mother for help, then shook his head, as though coming to his senses. ” Gideon asked. Peter shrugged. “I don’t know. ” “What they say and what’s true are often two different things. ” Now it was time, welcome or not, for Gideon to lay that friendly hand on Peter’s shoulder again.

Gideon didn’t like being pointed at, especially by a man toting a hunting rifle. Times like this he wanted to throw the damn chairman’s hat back into the ring, land one punch and walk away. But he took a deep breath and calmly made his case. “The fact is, the feds included your clan in the Pine Lake Band, Marvin. That all happened way before my time, so I had nothing to do with it. You wanna complain to somebody about your tribal affiliation, complain to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Let me know if you get anywhere with them.

He grabbed the back of Carl’s belt and jerked him down. ” Carl’s eyes widened. ” Carl thought about it, then turned down the corners of his mouth and shook his head. “Naw, you’re gettin’ paranoid, Chief. ” Flashing a quick grin, he stuck his head way up on his scrawny neck, looking around like some big-eyed ring-necked duck. “You know what I think is—” Another shot rang out, and the duck became a turtle. “I think I got a job to do. ” Gideon spared him a warning glance. ” “Sorry. ” “Not if they’re poachers.

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