Right Create Technology (RCT) is a quality and dedicated PCB & PCBA supplier, especially excellent in Rigid Flex PCB, Multilayer PCB manufacturing. Our PCB factory with the area over 10000 sq.m,  owns the state-of-the-art PCB manufacturing equipment. We can produce many kinds of PCB products over 20000 sq.m per month that widely used on telecommunication, consumer electronics, industrial test and control, medical equipment, power supply, security, network communication, automotive, aviation, research institution and national defense, etc. 

Our feature PCB Products: high end Rigid Flex PCB, regular double and multilayer boards (2 – 24 Layers) with HASL (Lead-Free), OSP, ENIG, Gold finger and so on. Special boards: Half-hole, Impedance-control,HDI, Halogen-free boards, Cu-based, Al-based, High-frequency PCB, Heavy-copper (12oz) ,  

RCT also provides consigned PCB assembly services for electronics manufacturers . We have procured extremely high end SMT chip-shooters, and with our own advanced and matured management system, we build high quality, high value electronic products. We drastically cut cycle time to help our customers to earn first position at market share.

With the pursuit of excellence, we insistently do the RIGHT things, and are committed to providing top quality products and services to CREATE great business value for customers.