Why US ?

Our PCB factory located in the world famous PCB manufacturing base - Shenzhen, China, with the perfect matching industrial facilities of upstream and downstream, and a large number of experienced PCB engineering and technical personnel, as well as blessed with unsurpassed convenient sea, land and air transport conditions to worldwide. Which make us be able to provide high quality PCB products and excellent services to meet well the complicated needs of customers from around the world.

The following is highlight reasons

Why You Should Buy Printed Circuits Boards From Us:

1. Advanced and full range of manufacturing facilities, we own the key high-end equipment for multilayer PCB, such as Laminator, Double-drawer Pinless Machine, X-Ray Drilling machine, CCD Automatic exposure machine, etc.

2. Be able to produce up to 24 layers of various special PCB;

3. Provide one-stop service from the PCB design technical support, Prototyping, small batch trial production to mass production;

4. RFQ generally will be responded in 8 hours, the conventional products can be quoted even in 2 hours ;

5. Offer expedited service for prototyping, small batch production;

6. With the capabilities to manufacturing precision PCB with min 0.1mm hole and 3mil/3mil of width and spacing.

7. PCB factory passed UL, ISO90001: 2008 and ISO/TS16949: 2009 certification, which is the strong confidence for quality;

8. The PCB  products can be fully RoHS compliant ,and 100% guaranteed to meet IPC II standards ;

9. Special power supply line for the PCB plant to ensure delivery on time.